Sarah Childs

Sarah Childs is a 23 year old artist based in the UK. She specialises in detailed fantasy manga inspired by the wonderful worlds of Hayao Miyazaki, the beautiful and powerful artwork of Wenqing Yan (Yuumei) and the intricate illustrations of Arthur Rackham. Her greatest influence stems from her love of video games. As an avid gamer for most of her life she can't help but draw from the imaginative worlds of The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Final Fantasy and so many more. 

Sarah has created her first manga series with The Chroncles of Gyzra trilogy. One night a strange black rain transforms animals into ferocious creatures. Eiki sets out on a journey to discover the truth behind these monsters and protect his little sister, Mikana. If you would like to find out more about the book you can view it on The Chronicles of Gyzra page.


Copyright relating to other Companies

Gyzra Ink and Sarah Childs work hard to ensure that artwork adheres to fair use and transformative copyright laws. Gyzra Ink also works hard to ensure that no artwork intrudes on the original creators intellectual copyright and works to support and develop the various fan communities. However, if you are the copyright holder of a piece inspired by your work, and have any issues with artwork that is being sold or produced via Gyzra Ink, feel free to contact immediately and the appropriate actions will be taken. Thank you.

Copyright relating to Gyzra Ink

Gyzra Ink encourages the creation of fan art and anything that helps to develop and support the Gyzra Ink community. If you wish to sell work relating to Gyzra Ink property you must contact Gyzra Ink first for written permission. Direct copies of artwork is not acceptable and each manga has it's own copyright statement printed on the first page which must be adhered to. If you have any questions feel free to contact Gyzra Ink.

Do you have a DeviantArt or instagram?

Yes. You can find me on DeviantArt here and Instagram here.

What art tools do you use?

For digital work I use PhotoShop CS5 and Manga Studio 5. I use a Cintiq 13HD tablet.

For traditional artwork I use mostly ProMarkers for colouring and Steadtler fine liners for line art. I also use a Sakura white gel pen for highlights and a Palomino Blackwing 502 for sketching.

Did you go to art school?

I applied to The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York and was accepted. However, despite being told I was good enough for a scholarship, I did not receive one and therefore couldn't afford to go. Instead I decided to stay in the UK and work on my manga series and artwork. Perhaps sometime in the future I will try to go to art school again, but at the moment I want to focus on my own work through self study.

How much will my commission cost?

You can find all of my prices in my shop. Simply select the commission that matches yours. If you are unsure which commission yours matches feel free to email me. For large or time consuming commissions payments will be made in instalments.

Can you draw this for me for free/charity?

No. Drawing puts a lot of strain on my hand which has suffered several injuries throughout my art career, therefore I only work on paid commissions or my own projects. Commissions that have been paid in advance or have a close deadline will always be worked on first.

Can I ask your advice about something/interview you for school?

Of course. Feel free to email me if you want advice about your own artwork, need to do an interview or anything else and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can. 

Can I talk to you/hug you at a convention?

I get booked up for portraits incredibly quickly at conventions, often within the first 2 hours. Because of this I don't often have a lot of time to chat. Feel free to wave and say hi and if I have a free moment I will try to talk to you. But you can always email me if you want a longer chat. You may, of course, give me a hug, but please ask first. =]

Where to find me

OxCon, Oxford University - March 5th to 6th 2016

MCM London, Excel Centre - May 27th to 29th 2016

If you want me to come to a specific convention please let me know and I will see what I can do.

Contact me


Tel: 07595 423 395

Post: Gyzra Ink, 70 Gideons Way, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex, SS17 8EU United Kingdom

Qualifications and published work

A Levels: Art, History, ICT

AS Level: English

GCSE: A*A* Applied Art, A* Graphics, Distinction ICT

The Chronicles of Gyzra Courage and Hope

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