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The Chronicles of Gyzra Trilogy full set

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View a short video showing the Trilogy set here!: 

This set includes: 

The Chronicles of Gyzra Courage and Hope (Volume 1)

The Chronicles of Gyzra Wisdom and Strength (Volume 2)

The Chronicles of Gyzra Truth and Lies (Volume 3)

The set is hand wrapped in a full colour image of Eiki and his friends. The Chronicles of Gyzra is an action, adventure manga Trilogy, and now that the series is complete it is the perfect time to binge through your next favourite series! Follow Eiki and his friends as he travels through The Crystal Forest in hopes of protecting his little sister and village from the mutating, black rain. But Eiki will find that the truth is far darker than he could have ever imagined!

Full series contains 680 pages of hand draw, pen and ink drawings.

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