Let’s begin with the Fundamentals

Art is like an orchestra.

Each musician has trained for years to master their instrument, but it is when they all play together that a masterpiece is made.

Imagine that each instrument is one of the fundamentals of art. You spend time mastering each one individually, each taking you on its own journey. Finally you create your illustration, which pulls the full orchestra together, and allows you the opportunity to create your masterpiece. 

The journey is long, but it is rewarding. If I only gave one piece of advice it would be to enjoy the process of creating rather than focusing on a particular end result. That doesn’t mean you should dislike your final work, I want you to feel proud of what you create, however if you enjoy the practice of studying then you will want to do it more and more until all you care about is that you are drawing and painting rather than what you are drawing or painting. Personally I think that is the key to succeeding in art.

In the following posts we will look at the fundamentals in a bit more detail and I will pass on the tips I have learned in my own studies that I always pass on to friends who ask for advice with art.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below.

Keep creating,


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