Welcome to my blog

I have decided to start this blog because a lot of my friends have started developing their art skills, and venturing into digital art, and have started asking me questions about certain techniques or where to start. I find myself writing pages worth of advice and sending it to them, but today it has dawned on me that perhaps that advice could help others or perhaps it would be useful to find the advice all in the same place so that they can keep returning to it in the future.

For this reason I have decided that any advice that I can give that isn’t unique to an individual I will post here.

I also understand that we all need different types of advice at different points in our artistic journey. Sometimes I want to deep dive on a subject, read multiple text books, and spend months practicing a technique.

Other times I need a quick 5 minute video of a top tip or where to find a setting in PhotoShop.

I will try my best to make content that meets both of these needs.

This is just a little personal project I am doing for fun, but I hope that it helps you on your own artistic journey, which, if you would permit me, I would love to travel by your side. Please share your work with me on any of my social media platforms, I would love to see you grow.

I may post more diverse content here in time, just sharing things that I love, so I hope that this little blog brings you inspiration, happiness and education. If you have any requests feel free to leave them below!

Keep creating,


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